Skayl Demonstrates Rapid Integration at National Aviation Event

Skayl Demonstrates Rapid Integration at National Aviation Event

Start-Up’s Automated Integration Tool Featured at U.S. Army Demonstration in Huntsville

Skayl, a Maryland-based tech start-up, is breaking barriers in the world of aviation. Skayl will feature PHENOM™, a groundbreaking integration automation software, at this September’s U.S. Army FACE™ (Future Airborne Capability Environment) Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) in Huntsville, AL.

In their demonstration Skayl invites users to try their PHENOM ecosystem, and integrate a legacy NATO STANAG 4586 vehicle simulator with the US Army’s new Crew Mission Station. Traditionally, integration processes like this often require extensive coding by software developers. Instead, PHENOM utilizes its IntegrationWare™ complier, which automates alignment, integration, and code-writing, and as such, dramatically decreases the cost and time that were once necessary to implementation.

This event also highlights PHENOM’s integration portal, which includes Skayl’s FACE Certified Domain Specific Data Model (DSDM) for manned and unmanned air vehicles.  PHENOM enables multi-model management, manipulation, and maintenance, including the ability to import and merge new model content into existing models. It also aims to disrupt system-of-systems integration by calculating and generating integration software, rather than relying on costly hand-coded solutions.

“This demo highlights a data model’s dynamic nature,” says Skayl Senior Software Engineer, Shaun Foley. “More than a document that sits on a shelf, it is an expression of our knowledge and understanding of data.  Successful integration requires a shared understanding, and merging models is simply the technical means to that end.  By having cross-systems data relationships documented, the resulting model lets us generate code and configuration to easily integrate them.”

In addition to the demonstration, Skayl’s Director, Sonya Hand, will present a Skayl team-authored paper introducing a new Interface Documentation Maturity Level (IDML) framework for consideration by the larger community.  The IDML framework is intended to provide a consistent context for the characterization of models based on interface documentation rigor and specificity. Attendees to the event will also hear presentations from industry experts and government representatives – including the U.S. Army and the United States Department of Defense.

About Skayl:
Skayl’s revolutionary solutions enable mass interoperability, at the touch of a button, in mission-critical settings including smart cities, national defense, healthcare, transportation, and public safety. Skayl’s cutting-edge products enable rapid, cost-effective integration, with which diverse technologies share trusted real-time data so reliable that lives can depend on it.  To find out more, visit

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