Monthlong Virtual Hiring Event for Businesses & Job Seekers

Monthlong Virtual Hiring Event for Businesses & Job Seekers

Join us Online:

  • You have access the entire month of August!
  • Early Access: 8/01
  • Live Event: 8/23 (10am – 11:30am)
  • Late Access: until 8/31

Are you hiring and looking for candidates to fill job openings?  Our new monthly recruitment event starts on August 1. Register your business to aid in filling open positions!  Register now at

Hosted by Carroll County Workforce Development, FREE, easy recruitment platform to use all month-long to find candidates.

Register for the Recruitment Event hosted by Carroll County Workforce, scheduled from August 1st through August 31st. Job seekers & employers have access to the Recruitment event 24/7 throughout August, including a live online Job Fair on 8/23.

Your organization can browse candidate profiles, look at resumes/applications, and schedule interview time with job seekers on the Recruitment platform hosting our event, Premier Virtual.

Premier Virtual is easy to use and offers excellent features that will quickly enable you to identify the best candidates. You can even set up a calendar that will allow job seekers to schedule meeting time with you to discuss employment opportunities.

In addition, plan to join the live Online Job Fair set for Tuesday, July 23, from 10 am to 11:30 am. Plus, you can still use the Premier Virtual platform throughout the month of August.

We’re offering a short webinar training session to prepare you for the event.

Event Name:      Employer Platform Training

Summary:           Training for registered Employers or organizations on how to use the platform

Location:             Zoom web conference

Dates/Times:      8/18/22 @ 10:00am to 10:45am or 8/22/22 @10:00am to 10:45am

To register for this event contact Sandy Miller, and specify which date you prefer.

Be sure to register for the August recruiting event on Premier Virtual, link:


Job Club: Weekly recruiting event on Wednesdays, 1-2 pm, for employers and job seekers.

Register at:

Premier Virtual is an online virtual job and career fair platform. Online hiring events are designed to bridge the gap between technology and human experience.

  1. Simple to navigate user-friendly interface
  2. Employer “Interactive Hiring Room” allows you to text chat and use the internal video chat to invite the candidate to a live “real time” interview
  3. Customize each employer’s booth with a logo, biography, job vacancies, job details, website, videos and social media links
  4. Job seeker chat function allows them to send/receive messages from any booth in the event. So if you miss them initially, they can still respond even if they have already left your booth
  5. Employers can respond to job seekers questions, or initiate the chat themselves from the Employer Hiring Room
  6. Back-end functionality allows the ability to follow up with job seekers after the event

Benefits of using Premier Virtual:

  • Simulates in-person experience
  • No travel or related expenses
  • No social distancing concerns
  • Increases productivity
  • Unlimited job candidate pool
  • Significantly reduces event costs
  • No geographical boundaries