Residents Asked to Complete Survey on County Broadband Access

Residents Asked to Complete Survey on County Broadband Access

Westminster, MD – Carroll County is asking residents and businesses to complete a Carroll County Residential Broadband Survey to collect data regarding residents’ access to broadband internet. The survey is designed to identify locations that do not have access to broadband internet or have limited or problematic access as well as those areas where connectivity is strong. The information will identify areas where broadband infrastructure does not exist or places that do not meet the minimum speed suggested by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for appropriate service.

The short survey, which can be completed in approximately five minutes, asks a variety of questions designed to determine where service exists, the type of service, and if so, at what speed. The survey also asks for information on issues with residents’ current service. The results will paint a clearer picture of residents’ access to high-speed internet and will help the county prepare a plan to improve broadband internet access across the area. The data could directly impact grant and infrastructure funding for county broadband expansion projects.

Those with limited or no internet access can complete the survey by calling 410-386-2309 or emailing to receive a paper copy by mail. Those with internet access will find  the survey on the county website by visiting

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Jay Uebel
Carroll County Broadband Project Manager
(410) 386-8771

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