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DOT Approves CTRL’s Ultrasonic Sensor

WESTMINSTER, Md. – CTRL Systems, Inc. and Adria Machine received notification the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved the purpose-built leak detection system designed to find holes as small as 10/1,000th of an inch in steel and plastic drums.  CTRL LogoCTRL worked closely with Adria Machine to incorporate its proprietary ultrasonic sensor.  DeWitt Barrel, a drum reconditioning company, received the first approval by the DOT to use the CTRL/Adria Machine-developed leak detection apparatus. 

This is a milestone decision for the drum reconditioning industry.  Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA) has worked closely with DOT to ensure the ultrasound technology meets and exceeds leak detection standards by DOT.  Ultimately, there can be no leaks in the steel and plastic drums.  “We waited 6 years for this, and we are thrilled we had the chance to move the process along,” says Peter DeWitt, vice president of DeWitt Barrels.

“CTRL Systems is a custom solutions provider; and we are excited to help other drum reconditioning companies like DeWitt Barrel,” says Bob Roche, CEO of CTRL Systems.  “Other drum reconditioning companies can procure the test apparatus from Adria Machine and take advantage of our exclusive relationship.”

All steel and plastic drum reconditioning companies must seek their own approval as required by DOT.  “We are happy to share our experience with others seeking an approval,” says DeWitt.  “We see this as an enhancement of safety and an extension of a proven technology.  DeWitt Barrels is immensely proud of its safety and environmental record, and we hope to see similar modernization approved for other RIPA members.”

CTRL Systems, Inc., headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, manufactures ultrasound technology for energy savings and condition-based monitoring applications.  CTRL’s ultrasound detection technologies provide multiple opportunities for users to positively impact the bottom line.  For quick returns on investment, CTRL focuses on implementing the technology into energy savings initiatives.  For expanded savings, CTRL implements its ultrasound condition-based monitoring package containing sensors and trending/analysis software for mechanical and rotating equipment.  CTRL Systems is firmly dedicated to providing the most innovative sound solutions to its customers. 

For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. please visit us at or call 877-287-5797.

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