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GSE to Build Simulator for Westinghouse Nuclear Plants

Sykesville, MD - GSE Systems, Inc. said that it received a multi-million dollar contract from Westinghouse Electric to build an AP1000 nuclear power plant simulator based upon Westinghouse’s design for domestic customers.

The simulators will be used by Westinghouse to demonstrate the plant design and control room human factors. The models that will be built in this current phase will be largely common to all future US-based AP1000 plants. The Westinghouse AP1000 design is currently spec'd in 14 announced US nuclear power plants. GSE expects to receive an order for a simulator for each of these plants.

GSE Systems, Inc. is the World Leader in real-time simulation and training solutions for the electric power, oil and gas and chemical process industries. GSE has delivered over 500 simulation and training applications to 200 customers in 30 countries spanning the globe.

Source: Digital Harbor Online

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