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Real Estate in Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County offers a full spectrum of real estate options, from commercial to industrial use. Our inventory includes existing free-standing and multi-tenant manufacturing or warehouse facilities. High-end business parks are available as well as other finished and new industrial land sites.

Industrial sites range in size from one to 300 acres and most are located in or near incorporated towns with infrastructure in place. Several parks offer parcels which are finished and ready to develop and many sites are served by rail. Carroll County is ideal for transporting goods with an extensive highway and rail system. The nearby Port of Baltimore offers state-of-the-art transportation facilities for a variety of cargo and container ships. Telecommunications services for voice, data, wireless and Internet communications as well as reliable and cost-efficient utilities are easily accessible.

A business priority permit process ensures that business developments are given first priority in the development review and permit process.

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"I found the County to be extremely helpful when I needed to expand my business. The simplified site plan process was extraordinarily business friendly and the staff went out of their way to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible."
Stanley Tevis, President, Tevis Oil, Inc.

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