• Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Textile, Apparel & Leather Products
  • Wood & Paper Products
  • Printing
  • Petroleum, Coal & Chemical Products
  • Plastics, Rubber & Nonmetallic
  • Mineral Products
  • *Primary & Fabricated Metals
  • *Machinery Manufacturing
  • Computer, Electronic & Electrical
  • Products/Equipment
  • *Transportation Equipment
  • Furniture & Related Products
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing

*denotes growing sectors  


Manufacturing is a diverse and growing industry in Carroll County.  From small machined parts to large robotic  vehicles, items made by Carroll County manufacturers are in demand in today's global marketplace.

Manufacturing companies are engaged in the mechanical, physical or chemical transformation of materials, substances or components into new products.  Manufacturing may yield either a finished product ready for consumption or an intermediate product to be used in further assembly.

Manufacturing production processes and equipment, material inputs, and  employee skill requirements vary by the type of manufacturing performed.